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Sturtevant Richmont - Torque Wrenches



Direct Reading Flat Beam Type

torque tools

Direct Reading Dial Type

"MD Series"

torque tools

Micrometer Adjustable Fixed Ratchet Head Clicker Type "SDR Series"

torque tools

Preset/Adjustable Fixed Ratchet Head Clicker Type "LTCR Series"

torque equipment

Micrometer Adjustable Interchangeable Head Clicker Type "CCM Series"

torque equipment

Preset/Adjustable Interchangeable Head Clicker Type "LTC Series"

Interchangeable Heads for

"CCM & LTC Series" Clicker Type

Sturtevant Richmont - Torque Screwdrivers



Adjustable Torque Limiting

 “PM Series”

torque screwdriver


“ExacTorq Series”

torque screwdriver

Sturtevant Richmont - Torque Calibration Analysers



System 8

Torq-Tronics 2


Sturtevant Richmont - Torque Tools

torque equipmenttorque calibrationtorque calibrationtorque toolstorque equipmenttorque calibrationtorque equipment

Exacta 2 Series

Global 100 Series

P.T.V. series

Digital Torque Wrenches




electronic torque wrench

System 8

Torq-Tronics 2

Torque Analysers




torque analyser

Square Drive

Flare Nut


Box Head

Open end

Hex Drive

Interchangeable Heads   



torque equipment sturtevant_sub_prods_Man_Torq_tools

SDR/SD series


LTCR Series

LTCS Series

CCM Series

LTC Series

Manual Torque Tools




torque tools sturtevant_sub_prods_digital sr_sub_prods_torque_testers sr_sub_prods_int_heads sturtevant_sub_prods_Man_Torq_tools