Sturtevant Richmont - Digital Torque Wrenches &                                    Error Proofing

Sturtevant Richmont - Digital Torque Wrenches

        Type - Exacta 2 Series

Torque Capacities

Micrometer Adjustable Fixed Ratchet Head Clicker Type 3/8"- 3/4" sqr drive

(24 Models Available)

1 N.m. to 800 N.m.

and 10 lbf. in. to 700 lbf. Ft.

        Type - Global 100 Series

Wireless Torque System

electronic torque wrench             



       Type - Programmable

       Torque Verifier (P.T.V)

SLTC-FM - Wireless Torque System

When multiple clicker type torque wrenches are used, and RF verification of the process is needed, the 2.4GHz PTV is the answer.

  • Notifies operator and line when batch is complete

  • Allows up to 99 fasteners per batch

  • Counts fasteners in batch in either up or down direction

  • Cycle Accept, Cycle Reject, Batch Complete and Reset relays for use with line control systems.

  • Front panel programming

  • Four tools can be toed to one operating unit

electronic torque wrench

electronic torque wrench

For enhanced accuracy and control, this system prevents as many errors as possible from occurring, by immediately detecting and reporting go/no-go values.

Using the progelectronic torque wrenchrammable torque system with Global 100 controller in the background

torque equipment torque equipment torque equipment

Exacta 2 Series

Global 100 Series

P.T.V. series

Digital Torque Wrenches




electronic torque wrench

System 8

Torq-Tronics 2

Torque Analysers




torque analyser

Square Drive

Flare Nut


Box Head

Open end

Hex Drive

Interchangeable Heads   



torque equipment sturtevant_sub_prods_Man_Torq_tools

SDR/SD series


LTCR Series

LTCS Series

CCM Series

LTC Series

Manual Torque Tools




torque tools sturtevant_sub_prods_digital sr_sub_prods_torque_testers sr_sub_prods_int_heads sturtevant_sub_prods_Man_Torq_tools